The magical journey of a brand coming home to mama

In 2003, at the Ermis Awards in Athens, a TV ad about a detergent won gold. The detergent’s name was Essex and I did the ad working together with George Doussis, Chief Creative Officer at BBDO Athens. The brand was highly successful in Greece along with other products manufactured by a local firm, Rolco Vianil which against all odds was fighting the multinational giants. And winning occasionally. Along with it, I was winning awards.

The day came when Essex, along with other top brands was bought by P&G. The account left BBDO Athens and so did I. Never again did I have in my career the opportunity to win awards by defying stereotypes in such a rigid market.

Years passed, I even left Greece after the economic crash, and settled in Cyprus, as Creative Director of Marketway/Publicis. Cyprus doesn’t offer a lot of creative challenge but it can give you stability and ease of life. Did I miss my creative days in Athens? Sure I did. Beggars cannot be choosers.

Recently, one of the biggest product distributors on the island, C.A. Papaellinas, a Marketway/Publicis client, asked for a meeting in order to brief us about a new detergent he was going to distribute in Cyprus: Essex.

At some stage, over the years, the product was bought back by its rightful owner, Rolco Vianil. Since 2003, Essex never did another TV spot. It was time for a new awakening with a film that would run in Cyprus and most probably in Greece. By an incredible chain of events the product had come back to me to advertise.

Yes, I was touched. I was flattered. For most it may seem just a product, a detergent, something you wash your dirty laundry with but for me it’s a reminiscent of wonderful creative days.

The Coffee Films was hired to produce the film. And I, now owner of Pink Noiz, a virtual advertising agency working globally, was hired by Marketway/Publicis.

We had a smashing day at the shoot, along with that wonderful client from Rolco, Yannis Papagiannakopoulos.

It’s not an ad that will win the gold – ideas in Cyprus can go that far. But it’s happy and lively and it still seems that Essex emits a little magic. It’s like the world becomes a better place as clothes swirl in the air, as dirty clothes become part of an effortless universe and as the music makes the woman, the clothes, the washing machine, the spectator dance inside. Hey, it’s ok. It’s just an ad for detergent. And Pink Noiz’s first assignment. For me, this is kind of magic.

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